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Do you want to be a great leader in the handmade business world?

How To Be An Extraordinary Craft Seller According To Tony RobbinsAre you committed to living an extraordinary life that’s about love, contribution and never-ending growth?

In a world full or trends, find your own voice. If you’re going to create a similar product to what’s already out there, make it your own.

Be a first class you rather than a second class of somebody else. Your creativity is was what drove you to sell handmade products in the first place, and when you use that creativity your audience will be excited about what you’ve created.

There are, of course, many other ways that creative leaders push their competitors and own business to achieve greatness. But these insights from the video below are very important pieces of their repertoire.

I watched the video last night, and I cried and laughed and it was truly inspiring!

This interview of Tony Robbins from MarieTV discussed the movie and shared candidly about his life, family and work – and what you can do right now to transform the quality of your life.

This is one of the best episodes of Marie TV ever, so don’t miss it here:


The part where he went into the fact that opposite energies attract people into relationships, and went into more detail about how we can get sick of those qualities that we wish we had in ourselves in some

Now it’s your chance to turn your passion into profit. The one thing I noticed from these handmade goods merchants is that they all encountered challenges in their businesses, and they all made mistakes. They weren’t business experts or extremely technically savvy people at the outset. Yet, they persevered and succeeded to create a business around their ability to create something amazing with their hands.

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