Etsy vs Amazon Handmade Update – Which Is Working Better For Sellers?

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Are you wondering how has Handmade at Amazon performed all these years after its launch?

Etsy vs Amazon Handmade Update Which Is Working Better For SellersIn case you haven’t heard, Handmade at Amazon is a section for handmade products launched in the US since 2015.

Now, lets hear it first hand from people who have used Amazon Handmade and how it compares to Etsy.

HoldsIt from HoldsIt

I’ve been on Amazon Handmade since it opened. I tend to sell more over there than here on Etsy but I also get more returns over there.

Kelly from SprinkledandPainted

The backend is a bit ‘clunky’ I guess you could say but Im doing ok there for the limited items I have. Id probably do better there if I had more listed. Im working on it! haha.

It’s still free to list, only pay when it sells. No fiddling with SEO all the time there! LOL. Payout takes longer. First payout is extra long…

Katrina from TheCosyHut

I have about 20 items there at the moment and have been there for 2.5 months now. I sold 6 items which is good in my opinion although I don’t have enough time to publish more.

I didn’t expect anything. So I’m definitely satisfied so far.

Jan Deuber Peters from mainlinedesigns

I have been selling on Amazon for about 6 months. I am now selling better there than here. I have multiple shops on Etsy but am closing most of them down because they just don’t sell well here anymore. I did great until 2016. I just can’t keep putting time and money into shops that get no hits. Can’t figure out Etsy’s search anymore.

I think it’s important that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Jean from LaurelArts

We’ve been there since they opened Handmade. We have daily sales and in comparison, Amazon and Etsy are now about even, for us which is remarkable because we have over 1,000 items on Etsy and only 150 or so on Amazon.

DONNA LEE from nosacrificebags

I just opened on Amazon, and I have had several sales already. I actually just got another sale, that I’m shipping out today!
The fees are higher; but I don’t mind.
It was a huge undertaking to list on Amazon.
I had to hire professionals, as I am useless when it comes to figuring out complicated online stuff.

I love Etsy; because even though my shop looks pretty crappy, at least I can handle doing it myself.

It doesn’t hurt to have multiple selling streams, so I think Amazon is worth a shot.

Kay Baxter from DamnGoodPopcorn

I have been selling handmade on reg Amazon for over 8 years and now AH with my crochet items. I sell way more on AH than my Etsy shop. Which is a little sad to me. Surprisingly my crochet blankets sold all summer long.

I don’t find listing there hard at all. Especially if you use the copy button.

Amazon goes by Google Shopping SEO

April from MooreMagnets

I sold on AH for a little while … but I eventually closed my shop there … There were a few times they didn’t send my deposits – I think from my credit card expiring. And then I needed two mobile devices to verify my account … I just felt like there was always a hoop to jump through. I feel that way about Etsy a lot – like some sort of circus animal always jumping through hoops on fire!

So, I finally closed my account there and I spend most of my time on my own websites – other market places get my extra time instead of the majority of my time. Overall I am much happier.

Pennee Parker from PPennee

I’ve had a shop there since the beginning of handmade- very slow start and learning all the ins and outs. There is definitely SEO but different than Etsy – they call it search terms and can’t repeat any key words in your title. They have lots of rules and you will get dinged for breaking them- like keyword stuffed titles which are the norm on Etsy.

Best way to make money is use fulfilled by Amazon or sell enough to qualify for seller fulfilled prime- otherwise you are just one of hundreds trying to get found because sales are what get you found. And make no mistake- just like Etsy, the resellers are there in force- that has been very disappointing, No listing fees or renewal but 15% commission covers everything- no charge for shipping labels though- they stopped that 2 years ago. And unless you do personalized or custom- you have to accept returns, no questions asked- it’s what Amazon requires of all sellers.

Based on reviews, it is definitely ideal to sell on both platforms if you can get in.

How about you? Do you have any experiences with both? Please share it with us in the comments below.

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