Colored Glue Sticks And 10 More Crafting Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

Craft Maker Pro » Colored Glue Sticks And 10 More Crafting Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

Creative crafters can use their imaginations to produce amazing crafts from almost anything. Most crafters will have supply kits full of essentials such as cardstock, yarn, craft paper, and beads, among other things. However, there are some unconventional materials and tools available that can let your imagination run wild.

Colored Glue Sticks and 10 more Crafting Supplies You Didnt Know You Needed until NowTransform your crafts with colored glue sticks and these other craft supplies you didn’t even know you needed.


Crayons aren’t just for the preschool crowd. Sure, you can use them for coloring in some adult coloring pages, but the humble crayon has enormous potential for crafty fun.

Get unconventional and try using crayons in your hot glue gun to create some fantastic abstract art. Or try this cute crayon candle tutorial. The crayon wax makes a colorful substitute for traditional soy or paraffin and can be scented with essential oils if the smell of crayon isn’t appealing.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is the hottest material trend for crafters. This colorful Japanese tape comes with an extensive variety of cute patterns and makes a beautiful alternative to paint for decorating almost anything. It is perfect for quick crafts and offbeat design ideas.

It can be easily cut and shaped to fit anything from the keys on your keyboard, to those boring blinds in your bathroom, and it can adhere to almost any material. Try sticking washi tape to mason jars for cute storage, or cover notebooks and pencils for an adorable stationary set.

Colored Glue Sticks

No crafter can be without their faithful hot glue gun. It is the staple of every crafter’s toolbox. But its uses go far beyond sticking things together. The availability of colored glue sticks now means you can create amazing crafts using only colored hot glue. Check out some of these amazing things you can make with colored glue sticks.

Baker’s Twine

Gift wrapping stations are fast becoming a popular addition to many craft rooms, and Baker’s twine is often used in place of ribbon as a charming, rustic finishing touch to handmade gifts. However, Baker’s twine makes an unexpectedly versatile crafting material on its own.

Its sweet combination of colors and textures make it a fun substitute for yarn or traditional twine in any craft. There are so many creative crafts with Baker’s twine. Try making cute pom-pom garlands for your next party, or add some charm to your home with Baker’s twine wall art.

Embroidery Hoop

Even if you don’t work with textiles, or you aren’t interested in embroidery, an embroidery hoop is a valuable addition to any crafters supply kit. The tension created between the interior and exterior hoops makes it ideal for crafting dreamcatchers, creating mobiles for the nursery, or even attaching hooks for craft room storage.

Another fun way to use embroidery hoops is for screen printing. This tutorial shows you how you can use mesh, glue, and an embroidery hoop to create some incredible screen prints.

Paint Pens

For accuracy and elegance in your designs, paint pens are ideal. Unlike regular markers, the ink inside the pen goes on opaque. It is also permanent, which means it is the perfect medium for decorating ceramics and glassware without worrying that your designs will wash away in the dishwasher.

Paint pens also allow you to draw on photographs, so you can up your scrapbooking game with some unusual, unique designs.

Pool Noodles

Pool noodles aren’t just fun to play with on a hot summer’s day; they also make a very versatile crafting material. Their foam construction makes it the perfect base material for many crafts. It’s waterproof, easy to cut, and best of all, cheaper than traditional craft foam.

The foam can be used as the base for decorative crafts such as wreaths and cushions. For example, you can make a circle base with the pool noodle and cover it with Christmas baubles for an impressive Christmas wreath. But, the most fun way to use the pool noodles is to create soft toys for the kids such as these pool noodle nunchucks.

Origami Paper

Origami paper ranges in quality beginning with standard kami paper, which differs a little from regular craft paper. This is ideal for folding as it holds creases really well. However, for creating truly beautiful crafts, you can’t get better than washi or chiyogami paper. It is more expensive, but it is printed or woven with incredible, intricate prints.

Aside from using the beautiful decorative paper to create stunning folded shapes, you can also use the paper for scrapbooking, decoupage, or collages. Try sticking origami paper to cardstock for sweet gift cards, or make a beautiful origami mobile with an embroidery hoop and origami animals.

Nail Polish

Nail polish no longer needs to stay on your fingers and toes. It’s cheap, easy to source, and surprisingly versatile for crafting. Essentially, the composition of nail polish is the same as enamel paint, which makes it a fantastic substitute for paint when decorating ceramics and glass.

There are a few different methods for using nail polish for crafting. You can paint the polish directly into the material you wish to decorate from metal to leather. Or for glass or ceramic materials, you can create a stunning (and trendy!) marble effect by dribbling the polish into water and immersing the item in the water. Try decorating plain white mugs this way for an adorable set of coffee cups.

Decorative Scissors

If you are passionate about paper crafts, you really ought to have a set of decorative scissors in your crafter’s toolbox. Their patterned cutting blades make interesting edges for scrapbooking and collaging. You can use them to highlight your photographs with scalloped-edged photo mats, or you can use them to cut patterns into cardboard, which can then be used for printing and painting.


Magnets are the unsung heroes of the crafting world. You can turn any craft into a versatile, innovative project with the addition of a magnet.

Create a beautiful floating indoor garden by adding magnets to the side of painted flower pots, which can then stick to the side of your fridge. Or add magnets to wooden blocks to create a supercharged set of toy blocks for the kids. The possibilities are endless.

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