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Your checkout page is where window shoppers become paying customers.

8 Ways To Easily Buy From Your Online StoreAccording to a report published in the Forrester website, 11 percent of U.S. adults abandoned an online purchase because they either didn’t want to register or the site was asking for too much information.

It’s easy to slap PayPal on your site and call it a day – but if you’re serious about making it easier for your customers to pay and increasing sales for your business, you will want to have full control over the entire checkout process.

Here are some tips to help customers buy easily from you:

  1. Back Button – When someone adds an item to their basket, make sure your allow them to go back to the previous page to add more items. They can “Continue to checkout” or “Continue Shopping.”
  2. Payment Options – Most people expect a variety of payment method on the checkout page. So give them more options.
  3. Security – Show them that their payment information is secured. A survey by eConsultancy found that 58 percent of respondents dropped out of the checkout page due to concerns about payment security.
  4. Guest Check Out – Allow payments without requiring an account. To make life easier for potential customers and ensure you get paid, follow Apple’s lead and let them check out as a guest.
  5. One Page Checkout – Follow a one-page checkout. One-page checkout will avoid loading time taken from one page to another and a possible error page that shows up when page time-session expires.
  6. Less Fields – Nothing kills a conversion more than having to fill out a form with information that’s not necessary for making a purchase. And adding a long list of fields to fill out adds more hurdles for people to jump over in order to pay you.
  7. No Advertisements – Don’t distract your customers from completing the checkout process. And that means, under no circumstances, should you put up any advertisements.
  8. Upsell – Upsell by displaying related products on checkout page.

Making it as easy as possible for your customers to pay is essential for increasing conversions and sales. For more tips, check this video by our favourite resource from Valuetainment:


Those are the most basic things you need to keep in mind to make people buy from you. If you think I missed anything, please let me know in the comments.

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