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Everyone wants to be Boss, but do you have the habits of a Female Boss?

4 Important Habits Of A Girl BossFirstly, how do you define Female Boss? This term relates to a woman who is running her own business, most of the time. But that’s not really it.

When I think of a Female Boss, I think of a woman who is in control of her own life. She’s clear on her purpose, taking responsibility for her actions and working towards her goals. Now, this doesn’t mean she got it all figured out but, it does mean she has a spirit of achievement and determination to make things happen for herself.

Of course, although this is easily said, it’s not always easily done! It takes a lot of mental strength and the support of habits to ensure you stay focused and energized to deal with any problems that come along the way!

1. A Female Boss Stays Organized

Most successful, not only female bosses, stay organized. I am not saying you should make it a habit to be obsessive-compulsive in organizing. I only suggest that you try to be a little less cluttered because if you do it all the time you’ll just end up exhausted because all day long you were all over the place.

Staying organized isn’t about cleaning up after yourself, it’s about knowing what to do first, knowing your priorities, and knowing where you should do what.

2. A Female Boss Never Stops Learning

Female bosses love to learn. They have the mentality of a good student, always willing to learn. Experience is the best teacher and if you don’t have much experience yet then please, work for it. Female bosses are often on their seat. They stand up and they do their thing but oftentimes, they just sit and observe. They let the world and their surroundings be their teacher, every single day. And this is why they appear to know so much. Because they do. Because they have a good teacher and certainly because they’re open-minded and willing to learn.

3. A Female Boss Keeps Creating

A female boss can be a woman who is passionate about one thing or passionate about a whole bunch of things. But if there’s one thing that female bosses all have in common, it’s that they keep creating… (hello handmade artists!) There’s no stopping a leading woman to create. These women are like idea machines. Not all their ideas are great but they never stop testing each idea to know which works and which doesn’t and they can admit when something is a bad idea.

4. A Female Boss Loves Herself

The most important habit of every female boss is that she loves herself more than anything in the world. Don’t get us wrong, this is not about being conceited. This is about knowing your worth. A female boss knows her worth and she knows she is worthy of rest and love and respect.

Here is a video by Hannah Ashton on how you can have a #femaleboss ROUTINE! 20 habits that have really helped a lot of women in being more in control successfully, mindfully, physically, and emotionally!


So go ahead and live your best life and be the amazing female boss that you totally are meant to be.

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