3 Tips to Make Engaging Marketing Videos for Social Media

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Odds are you’ve noticed that some marketing videos on social media are a lot more engaging than others and are able to keep their viewers’ attention while at the same time attracting more views, likes, comments, and shares. Needless to say that’s probably something that you’d like for your videos – but as you’re probably realizing it is easier said than done.

3 Tips to Make Engaging Marketing Videos for Social MediaThe fact of the matter is making engaging videos can be challenging, and if you want to do so you need to map out and plan your video in advance. When you do, these tips should come in handy:

Aim to have a short length

People don’t really like to watch long videos on social media, and if the video is over a minute it is likely to lose a lot of viewers. In other words you should aim for your videos to have a short length that is under a minute – or even less than that.

Depending on the social media platform and viewer demographics you should decide on a length that is a good fit and try to plan your video accordingly.

Don’t rely on a voiceover

Many marketing videos rely on voiceovers – and that is a mistake. Tons of viewers nowadays watch videos without audio, and relying on a voiceover will mean that you aren’t going to be able to engage them.

Instead of relying on a voiceover, you should lean on visual elements instead – or use subtitles.

Provoke emotional reactions

The most engaging videos are almost always the ones that cause viewers to ‘feel’ something. Whether it is a funny video that makes them laugh, an inspirational video that raises their spirits, or even a controversial video that makes them angry – an emotional reaction will drive engagement.

Try to engineer your video to provoke an emotional reaction of some kind – preferably one that is intense and will fully engage viewers.

If you want a way to create simple yet polished videos for social media that are more engaging, you should try Movavi Video Editor. With its help you can easily compile a video from the footage that you record, and can even record video on the spot via your webcam to add to it.

As a full-fledged editor Movavi Video Editor will bring a lot of features to the table that could help you to make your marketing videos more effective. It will allow you to enhance the quality of your videos, add background music or voiceovers, insert animated transitions, apply special effects and video filters, or even include captions and subtitles.

Just remember to follow the tips outlined above when creating your next marketing video using Movavi Video Editor, and be creative while at the same time not going overboard. If you do you should end up with a video that is much more likely to engage more viewers, and reel in the likes, comments, shares and other reactions that you’re undoubtedly hoping to land.

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