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Every year on March 17th, people dress from head to toe in green. It’s a tradition that many adults and kids alike enjoy. If you’ve been trying to come up with creative ways to dress your little ones this St. Patrick’s Day, you are in luck: I’ve made more than a few St. Patrick’s Day shirts for my kids over the years and I’m here to share my favorite appliqués with you.

25 Charming St. Patrick’s Day AppliquésThe best part of these appliqués is they don’t require a lot of materials, and you can purchase affordable plain green, white, or other colored shirts in bulk to make more than one if you have a few kids to dress up.

1. Shamrock Appliqué Kids Shirt
All you need for this one is a plain green shirt, fabric to cut out your appliqué, double-stick web that is fusible (you can find this at any local craft store), scissors, thread, an iron, and a sewing needle. You will want to wash and dry the shirt ahead of time before starting. This prevents your shirt from wrinkling while you are trying to work on your project.

You can leave the shamrock on the shirt as it is or add some border or other details using your thread or embroidery thread.

2. St. Patrick’s Day Saying T-Shirt Appliqué

This is an easy DIY, no-sew shirt. All you need is a t-shirt, heat ‘n’ bond, freezer paper, a printed phrase that you like, an iron, and scrap fabric for your lettering.

3. Heart Shamrock Appliqué
With this cute little design, you can create a shirt your child will love to wear every day. All you need is a plain colored shirt, either a t-shirt or tank top, felt or fabric for your appliqué, heat ‘n’ bond or another type of fusible webbing, scissors, a shamrock template, and embroidery floss and a needle.

4. Sparkle Shamrock Outline Appliqué
This is one of the easiest designs I’ve ever done, in terms of DIY appliqués. Grab your iron, a plain colored shirt, permanent markers in different colors, freezer paper, and a piece of cardboard. Once you have everything cut out and in place, you can go to town with dots of color for this adorable little appliqué.

5. DIY Rainbow Applique
Here’s a cute little shirt that doesn’t have to be just for St. Patrick’s Day; in fact, you can make this one for your child to wear anytime. All it takes is some scrap colorful fabric, double stick webbing, a white t-shirt, and scissors.

6. DIY Eraser-Stamp Clover Shirt
All you need for this easy peasy shirt is a stencil, paint, and a pencil eraser. You can make this shirt in less than an hour. It makes a great craft for younger kids to do as well.

7. Pinch Proof Appliqué
This one is cute but requires a bit more, in terms of materials. You can use a plain colored shirt, a shamrock template, and the Silhouette Heat transfer machine.

8. Shamrock and Leprechaun Felt Appliqués
Here are some cute ideas for both little girls and little boys. Gather up your supplies – a colored shirt or white t-shirt, felt colors for your appliqués, templates, thread, freezer paper, and an iron – and get started on these adorable little shirts.

9. Pot of Gold T-Shirt
This one’s more of a fun craft with paints than an appliqué, but it is super cute. While the picture shows an adult size shirt, I used it for the kids and it came out just as great.

10. Shamrock Felt Patch Appliqué
The instructions show it being used on a sweater but that just goes to show you that you can use it on virtually any type of fabric and it still turns out great. All you need is an iron-on adhesive, scissors, iron, shamrock-shaped template of your choosing, green wool felt, and some green embroidery thread with a needle.

11. Crafty DIY Shamrock Shirt for the Kids
Use a white colored plain t-shirt, some green fabric paint, puffy paint, and a shamrock outline to let the kids have some fun with this unique shirt-craft.

12. Polka Dot Shamrock Shirt
Many designs like this cute polka dot shirt include the shamrock design. While this one still has a shamrock like the others, the design is entirely unique, and my kids enjoyed helping with it, too. Get three different colors of green fabric paint, a white t-shirt, freezer paper, a paper plate, pencil erasers, and butcher paper.

13. Chevon Shamrock Monogram
This one takes a little bit of work and a bit more, in terms of supplies. If you want to create a personal monogram, you can even include their initials into the shamrock design.

14. Lucky Charm St. Patrick’s Day Shirt
This one will show the world how lucky you are with your cute little charm. All you need for this one is some freezer paper, or appliqué machine if you have one, fabric paint, and a plain-colored shirt – many choose white, but you can also use green with white paint.

15. Marshmallow Shamrock Stamped Shirt
Here’s a creative way to make your own shamrock design out of paint. Use large marshmallows or even small ones for smaller shamrocks and your favorite color of green. You can even create a multi-green colored shamrock shirt for a more personalized look.

16. Lucky Ribbon Shirt
I personally enjoyed this one because I have a ton of ribbon in my craft box. All you should do is choose the ribbons you want to use for your word and go to town with creating their letter designs and pinning them down. Afterward, stitch them right into place for your permanent design.

17. Follow the Shamrock Shirt
Here’s a cute idea to create a shamrock road or bridge design using a sponge and some fabric paint. Get your favorite colored plain shirt – most like white because it allows the colored paints to pop and stand out better. Then grab a sponge and cut out your shamrock design.

18. Rainbow of Hands Shirt
While this design isn’t necessarily on a shirt, it was a fun one to make with the kids. You can use this same idea and create a rainbow of hands design on a plain white shirt. It not only looks cute but gives you a sweet keepsake.

19. Puff Paint Saying Shirt
This craft can be personalized. I chose “Who needs luck when you’re this cute.” Choose a plain colored shirt and get started on this adorable little project that even the littlest kids will love to help with.

20. DIY St. Patrick’s Day Saying Shirts
Graphic tees are all the rage, but they also come with a high price tag, especially ones specifically for the holidays. Check out this easy appliqué shirt.

21. Fun Sized Leprechaun DIY Shirt
“I’m not short I’m just Leprechaun sized” will touch your heart. Using freezer paper, fabric paint, and a plain colored shirt, you can have this adorable shirt completed in around an hour.

22. Button Shamrock Shirt
This one is super fun and easy; it involves gathering some buttons and creating a shamrock design. All you need are a variety of green buttons, a shamrock template, and a plain white t shirt to get started.

23. Shamrock Onesie
This one is great for that toddler in your life. It only takes five minutes to make and looks like you purchased it at the store. All you need is a heat transfer vinyl, a onesie in the right size, an iron, and either a vinyl cutting machine or scissors.

24. Mod Podge and Glitter Appliqué
Here’s a design that uses only Mod Podge and glitter to create an adorable little shirt. You don’t have to stick with the shamrock; in fact, get creative and make your own St. Patrick’s Day symbol.

25. Rainbow of Gold
If you know how to sew and have a sewing machine, this shirt is for you. It uses scrap, colored fabric to create a cute little rainbow with buttons attached as gold coins. Get creative and add in a colored bow on the top.

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