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Do you want to turn your existing website into an online store? Check 1ShoppingCart!

46-1ShoppingCart1ShoppingCart will allow you to add a shopping cart to your craft business’ website. This shopping cart eCommerce solution gives you a few standout features, including marketing tools and security options. It also comes with hundreds of built-in features, including digital downloads, email marketing, credit card processing and real-time shipping rates.

Having an e-commerce website for your craft business is a great way to boost your online presence and user experience especially if you incorporate other ways to promote your craft business and products online.

If you want to get your online store going, 1ShoppingCart may have exactly what you need.

Why You Need To Have An Ecommerce Website?

Whether the size of your online craft business is big or small, you can always generate profit by presenting your handicrafts online, thereby gaining a large amount of viewer exposure. To start an e-commerce business, the investment needed is low and it also reduces the man(woman)-power. So try to develop a good e-commerce website and start earning.

But before you make that jump to 1ShoppingCart, here’s a quick review for you:


  • You can customize the layout and design of your site.
  • You can use HTML to design your site.
  • You can create themes designed specifically for mobile devices to compliment your online store.
  • The software comes equipped with pre-designed templates for you to choose from.
  • You can customize the fonts you use on your site.
  • You can customize the colors of your site.
  • The software has a content management system that allows you to easily edit pages, upload images, and more.
  • You can create a template for a new store design and reuse that template.
  • You can alter your store design using CSS.
  • You can customize the background of your site.
  • The company provides access to a designer to help build your store for a fee.


Transaction fee ranges from 0.75 to 1.25% for every transaction. Charging a transaction fee is not uncommon in the ecommerce industry, with some reaching as high as 2% per transaction.

The lowest monthly rate costs $34 per month (for a limited time only and goes back to $59). If you are particularly sensitive to price, or are just looking to experiment with ecommerce software, it will be worth your time to shop around for an alternative solution.

Other affordable e-commerce solutions for craft businesses:

To get started, go to 1ShoppingCart.

Even if you are unfamiliar with HTML and don’t know how to put top-notch e-commerce website into place, 1ShoppingCart will help you on the process.

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