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Do you want to reduce your shop or website’s bounce rate? Do you want to do it with just one hack?

1 Rule To Improve Your Shops Bounce RateOf course, you do!

But first, what is bounce rate?

Bounce rate should always be analyzed to get an insight into how a site’s overall user experience is. It is defined as a single page visit. When a visitor clicks on a link to a page on your website, spends five minutes reading that page, and then exits your site, they’re a bounce. In other words, a user could find exactly what they’re looking for, have a great experience on your website, and still be counted as a bounce.

To put your mind at ease, most of the best blogs in the world have a bounce rate over 80%. So why are we trying to decrease it?

If the bounce rate is high, it means that the visitor immediately exits or does not spent so much time in a post or page. On the other hand, of the bounce rate is low, it means the visitor spend more time reading your post or page.

Sometimes a high bounce rate can indicate that a user experience is poor.

However, at other times, a high bounce rate can be an indication of a positive user experience.

For example, if a user is searching for an ebook and they click on a search result, and immediately see the book that they need and checks out, then that would be a great user experience.

The visitor instantly found the information that they were looking for and then left.

However, if you have a blog and you uploaded a long post but the visitors immediately leaves, then you might want to check what makes them leave.

Learn some tips on how to reduce bounce rate of your website and increase conversions and sales by watching this video by Neil Patel:


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