One of the best things about using a smart phone or ipad are all the great apps that we can run on it.

If you are a handmade business owner, you might need extra help in keeping an eye on your Etsy account while you’re on the go. Etsy is an amazing one stop site for all things homemade, couture and vintage and there are lots of apps that will help you navigate this online market with ease.

Etsy users have a few options for browsing and our 5 best apps for browsing Etsy highlight these apps:

1. I Heart EtsyiPad App

I Heart Etsy iPad AppI Heart Etsy is an app that works great for both Etsy buyers and sellers as it provides an ideal browsing experience to Etsy lovers and seamlessly integrates with your Etsy profile. It’s designed for the iPad, with an intuitive browsing layout.From there, you can search using the big search bar at the top of the screen, or browse categories by swiping to the left. Categories are designated with pictures, and to further explore a section, you simply tap on the picture.

2. Browsing for Etsy

browsing for etsyBrowsing for Etsy is a way for shoppers to discover the world of handmade and vintage goods on their iPad.This will help Etsy lovers when shopping as you can check the items by category, color, featured sellers, recently listed items or simply just use the search bar to find thousands of handmade products. Search for products and filter on price, color, or location. You can mark your “Favorite” items from within the app and add items to your cart on You can also browse by category, child category, or by keywords.

3. The Etsy Bazaar

etsy bazaarThe Etsy Bazaar is an app that allows you browse the world of Etsy with ease. It is a simple and easy to use to discover shops and listings on Etsy. You can simply pull up the shops you think look interesting by clicking on them, and check out the prices of listings by hovering over them. If you like, you can click on the listings to add them to your bag below. Clicking on a listing in your bag opens the listing’s page. You may also add as many listings as you want and open them all at once.

4. Pocket Shop

pocketshopThe Pocket Shop is a great app for Etsy sellers like you. It is an animated, interactive, portable version of your Etsy shop, with lots of fun themes to help you promote your products on your blog or website. Also, it is compatible with any blogging platform. You will see lots of designs to choose from in the website – from the minimalist to more ornamental choices such as vintage postcard, and the slick modern ice and noir gloss. Just choose your preferred options and grab the code!

5. Etsy Addict

etsy addictEtsy Addict is an Etsy iPhone app that is perfect for handmade business owners. A built-in web browser lets you instantly grab that special listing before someone else does. You can search by tag, seller, description, color and price. Navigate your favorite sellers and listings, browse listings by category, view listing details like pictures, price, seller, materials and tags, view seller details like feedback, featured listings and location map, and keep tabs on your latest feedback and your sales count. Your view state is saved so you can resume right where you left off if you quit the app, or get interrupted by a phone call. It gives you a quick and efficient way to access Etsy from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

As new technology grows, you never know what will pop up next. Keep an eye on our blog for more recommended apps that will automate mundane and necessary tasks and make being a shop owner less stressful!

If you think we missed your favorite app for browsing Etsy, let us know through the comment box below.

Gary Capps

I live in the one of the most beautiful places in the world on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with my wife and our 2 dogs, Poppy and Mia. Since 2009 I have helped over 15,000 handmade business owners to grow their business with our software and free tools designed for todays entrepreneurial artisan.

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