I have used this software for more than 8 years. I am using the previous version of this software but I do believe the current version will work the same if not even better. I am going to change to the current version soon too! It is the best jewelry software one could ever ask for.

It is super user-friendly and easy to learn. From creating inventory pieces to calculating the cost of each jewelry design to creating a customers list to generating invoices, and sales receipts. It literally has all the features one could ask for. It even lets you load images of all the pieces you have stocked or created so you know what each part number refers to.

The best of all though is the customer service. I never had to reach out to Gary until recently due to a software issue. Not only did he responded in a timely manner, but he also patiently answered all my questions and provided all the support I needed. My problem was solved! What a relief! I believe in companies who stand by their products!

Give this software a try if you are trying to organize your inventory, customers, and vendors! I highly recommend it!

Gary Capps
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