I’ve used Bead Manager Pro for my jewelry for several years. However, I’ve moved more towards other craft items and no longer focus solely on jewelry. I’ve been adapting BMPro for these things but there is so many more capabilities I need from the software. Now that I plan to add handcrafted items to my website, I need something like this for accurate tracking.When I saw the beta testing opportunity for the new crafting program, I jumped at the chance. This is what I’ve been looking for. Since I work with fabrics a lot, I needed something that would accurately track my parts usage. CMPro fits the bill! It perfectly tracks my fabric usage down to the quarter yard. I use a lot of fabric in this amount for my projects and when it comes to patchwork quilting it’s ideal.I am now in love with this software and would highly recommend it for all crafting projects.

Gary Capps
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