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The Secret To Really Growing Your Craft Business

If you are struggling with getting customers and sales for your craft business then stop what you are doing and read this page in full.

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What I’m going to give you here is goldmine of information.  It’s not one of those flimsy 5 page free reports that everyone else gives away to try and get your email address.  This is 24 chapters, 76 pages, 20,445 words of REAL information.

I have been helping people grow their craft business’ online since 2008 and in that time I have helped well over 15,000 people (so far) make important changes to the way they do business.

Now, I could sell this ebook, there are others out there that sell for $30 and more with less information, but I want as many people as possible to get this so I’m giving it away for FREE!

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Check out the table of contents on what you get in this book.

  • Introduction
  • Am I The Right Person For A Home Based Craft Business?
    Nine important questions you must answer honestly
  • Prepare To Succeed In Your Home Based Craft Business
    Draw a roadmap to take you where you want to go
  • Find Your Unique Customer For Your Craft Business
    Every business needs a USP – Unique Selling Position
  • How to Begin Your Market Research
    Learn to tap into the mind of your customer
  • How To Make Hand Crafts 101
    Learn how to make beautiful handcrafts at home
  • How To Find Great Design Ideas
    Secret sources for craft designs that sell
  • Pricing Your Craft Work For Profit
    How to determine fair market value for your craft work
  • Sourcing Your Materials
    How to find the best product for the best price
  • Managing Your Ideas & Inventory
    Left brain details support right brain creations
  • Photographs That Sell Your Hand Crafts
    A picture paints a thousand words!
  • Business Marketing
    Get your craft business off the ground with a marketing mix
  • Promoting Your Home Based Craft Business Website
    8 step guide to getting online
  • Selling Your Crafts On Ebay
    How to sell your handcrafts in the largest department store in the world!
  • More Places To Sell Online
    Spread the net wide and sell sell sell with Esty, Artifire and Handmadeology:
  • Building Your Online Presence
    Getting social with it – the secrets to social media
  • Setting Up Your Consignment Accounts & Receivables
    Learn to collect money with confidence and grace
  • Party ON! What’s The Buzz?
    Success secrets to a successful home handcraft party
  • How To Use Incentives To Attract Hosts For Your Parties
    Moving people from their comfort zone to a win-win business relationship
  • Hosting An Online Handcraft Party
    A great option to the home party; online convenience at work!
  • How To Create A Winning Catalog Of Your Work
    Let your art speak for itself
  • Take Your Craft Business To A Trade Show Or Fair
    Make money away from home – how to choose the right craft show
  • Craft Show Money Management Tips
    Make money away from home – budgeting to attend the show
  • Craft Trade Show Display Ideas
    Make money away from home – how to display your craft work
  • Making Sales At Trade Shows
    Make money away from home – how to sell more at your booth
  • Leveraging Your Time
    Don’t be scared of getting others to work for you – and cheaply too!
  • What It Takes To Make A Successful Home Craft Business
  • Summary
  • References

So as you can see it’s a lot of information and it’s your’s for FREE.

Just sign up on the form at the top of this page and get your copy instantly delivered to your inbox.  You can be reading it in the next 5 minutes 🙂

To your success!



Gary Capps

Founder of Craft Maker Pro.