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I know you’ve put a lot of work, pride and creative energy into the store you’ve built on Etsy.

Backtsy – Back Up App For Etsy ShopYou may not always like their policies or changes, but they are a business first and foremost, and they operate like one. Make sure you do the same!

One of the most potential dangers on Etsy is losing your store data. Yes, you can perform a back-up on Etsy but their option is limited, saving only the shop text.

So how do you securely back up your listings, privacy policy, testimonials, and other information?

Backtsy allows you to save your Etsy listings and shop information as a back-up. It will allow you to restore your shop from the saved back-up data, whenever you need to.

Noam Zakai developed Backtsy for Sigal Friedlich Zakai (his wife), who opened her Etsy shop in 2011 and is the owner of SigalFjewelry. He noticed that Sigal repeats many operational tasks over and over again. So he developed the software Backtsy.

Backtsy is like a foundation blueprint of your shop that secures the changes you’re making to your shop, whether intentional or not, which can also be used to reverse those changes to your original plan if you did not like the changes.

Here’s what Backtsy can do for you:

  1. Back-ups are complete and automatic. No more extra work for you.
  2. Protection against the unthinkable.
  3. Tagging or modifying a listing descriptions in order to improve your listing’s position in Etsy can sometimes result in a loss of traffic to your listing. Simply revert to the previous version of the item.
  4. Price Revisions. Quickly revert pricing after discount
  5. Diversify your backup locations. Our PC’s hard disk is not 100% failsafe, while laptops can also be easily lost/broken/stolen.
  6. Peace of mind against unrecoverable loss.
  7. Mistakes can easily be corrected.

Backtsy’s back-up data is saved in Amazon’s Cloud, the biggest cloud provided in the world, and in DigitalOcean. Both service providers are the industry leaders that are respected for their back-up capabilities and they keep the highest standards of security.

The pricing of Backtsy varies from $3 up to $108 depending on your needs. You can save your back up by daily, weekly or monthly.

Here’s a customer review for Backtsy

“I started using Backtsy just before the last Christmas sales in my shop. During the changes I made to my listings I made a fatal mistake and if I didn’t have the ability to recover it from backup… It would have taken me hours to rebuild the listing! I recovered it very easily and had a great experience.
I also used the backup files as reference when changing tags back after the holidays and that was a life saver. The product is great, very easy to use and the actions are very informative, letting you know when backups and recoveries are done. Backtsy allows me to make changes without worry and it is of great value. Highly recommended!” -Michal of Amichy

“Using Backtsy is a simple, safe, and smart business decision.” – Jason Malinak CPA of

I know how demanding it is to manage an online shop and to focus in parallel on the actual creativity required from artists like you.

So get Backtsy now and focus all of your efforts to your handcrafts!

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