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There are people who have built up their Etsy store so that it is a full time job and major source of income for them. But it might take only 1 person flagging your shop, and the whole thing could beshut down. Your store and source of income can get blocked and put on hold indefinitely by Etsy.

etsy-suspension-430So if you have 1 crazy person out there who doesn’t like you and they decide to be vindictive they could cause your store to be closed down. And if you are able to convince Etsy to open your store again, you can just be flagged again, and again, and again.

So what you should do to prevent Etsy from suspending your shop?

Read Etsy Guidelines

There are two main reasons why Etsy suspends shops:

  1. There’s a minor infringement of the terms of use, that can be easily fixed
  2. They think the products you’re selling are not made by you

The best preventive measure you can do is to read Etsy’s Do’s and Don’ts to avoid any violation that can shut down your Etsy shop.

In the case they suspend your shop whether you followed the Etsy guidelines or not, you’re going to lose a lot of data, something valuable for your finances and your reputation.

That’s where the headache starts…

Save Your Store Information

If Etsy closes your shop, you’re no longer able to backup this data. So save your store information while you can still access it.

Check this video made by Herbanluxe on how to Download CSV file from Etsy: (It’s a little hard to see but the instructions are also written below for you)


  1. Go to Etsy
  2. Go to “Your Shop: shopname”
  3. click“Shop Settings”
  4. Click on “Options”
  5. Click on “Download Shop Data”

You’ll be able to download a .CSV file, an Excel type document. So with a recent version of Excel, Numbers or Google Docs, you’ll be able to open it and see all your information.

Doing the backup every one or two weeks is a good rule of thumb. Mark your calendar to be automatically reminded!

Back Up!!!

Do a regular back up by saving all the photos, inventory and order history files into an organized per month folder of your computer. I suggest you to install Dropbox, and save these files inside the main folder of Dropbox. Everything that is inside the Dropbox folder is automatically backup on their secure servers. This way you don’t have to do any extra work, since your files are backed up constantly. Also, there are other ways to automate your business inventory to save you from all of the headaches, time, and money.

Last, but surely not least, when you have money attached to your Etsy in Paypal, you should move the money to your bank account or credit card. Etsy could withhold the money that you’ve earned that’s still in your PayPal account.

Keep these 3 pointers in mind as success depends upon previous preparation, and without preparation there is sure to be failure.

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