Windows & Mac CompatibleCraft Maker Pro is compatible for both windows and mac (with no additional software required) and comes with many time saving features that are guaranteed to help you in your craft business. No matter what your handcraft, be it jewelry making, wire work, candle making, sewing, glass blowing, beading, scrapbooking, woodwork, pottery or even making plastic frogs Craft Maker Pro is designed to work for you.

Check out just some of the features in Craft Maker Pro:

  • Automated Stock & Inventory Management:

    Craft Maker Pro will automatically take care of your inventory for your parts and finished pieces so you always know what you have on hand. More>>

  • Automatic Pricing Of Your Completed Craft Work:

    Struggling to accurately price your craftwork? Then let Craft Maker Pro do it for you.  It will even work out exactly what your hourly rate should be. More>>

  • Works With All Countries, Currencies & Tax Rates:

    Craft Maker Pro comes pre-populated with currencies and tax rates for dozens of countries and states and is fully editable so you can update or add anything you need. More>>

  • Stock Level Alerts:

    Have you ever started to make an item only to find you didn’t have all the right material? That will never happen again with Craft Maker Pro’s stock level alerts. More>>

  • Invoice Management & Tracking:

    Make it easy to track what you sold, who to and when.  Plus you can track items that you send out for sale on consignment to make sure you get paid. More>>

  • Notes And Images For Ideas & Designs:

    Keep detailed notes and pictures of your most intricate designs so you can refer back to them later to remember exactly how you made your creation. More>>

  • Print Professional Invoices, Catalogs & Labels:

    Craft Maker Pro will make sure that You look the Pro with catalogs and invoices customized with your logo and business details. More>>

  • Track Your Favorite Suppliers:

    Keep note of your favorite vendors and what you bought when and at what price.  Great for keeping tabs on price changes. More>>

  • Calculate Tax On Completed Pieces & Invoices.

    If you hate working out the tax on your finished work then let Craft Maker Pro do it for you on your finished items and invoices. More>>

  • Promote Your Work On Facebook:

    Post your work to your Facebook page straight from Craft Maker Pro and let your fans know what you have been making. More>>

  • Plus A Whole Lot More....!!!

    We couldn’t possibly fit everything that Craft Maker Pro can do for you onto one page but we 100% guarantee that it will make your life easier in your craft business.  So, check it out and get started today..!! More>>

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