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Are you wondering which of your product images drive the most traffic?

How To Optimize Etsy Images Without Any EffortTest them and find out for sure!


You can test it out using this new tool for Etsy sellers called Whatify.

Whatify is developed by a couple of statisticians who a/b test product images to figure out which are the most attractive to buyers. And they are now in a public beta.

So how it works?

Every hour, the tool:

  1. switch up your primary photo
  2. measure the traffic that you get

They use the first two images you already have in the listing and randomly assign your listing to display one of two images as the primary image. Then it collects traffic data to see how many views your listings get every hour.

It uses that data to figure out which image draws more traffic. This is also known as a/b testing – used widely across the web and quantitative research everywhere

The tool optimizes your images by testing your first image against your second image.


And then they alternate your primary image between the first two images you already have.


And collect your traffic data for four weeks, no effort needed from you.

So will this be beneficial for you?

Well, one of your images is the best for traffic – but you don’t know which one yet. So, half the time during testing, you’re using the image that leads to the most traffic. Once the tool give you the results, you’ll know which image that is and you can confidently make it your primary image permanently.

They promise to show you which images will bring the most traffic. Try it while it’s free!

Get set up in 30 seconds while they’re in beta. You can get results even if you don’t have much traffic yet.

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