How To Make $14,000 In One Single Holiday Sale

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Are you wondering how you can make thousands of dollars during a single holiday sale especially during St. Patrick’s day, Black Friday and Christmas season?

How To Make 14000 In One Single Holiday SaleKristene of Shinny Squirrel has done it! She was able to make a whooping $14,000 on a single during her Black Friday sale.

Kristene is a seller of tribal belly dancing clothing for all genders that makes every person feel special. She confessed that before she was able to make $14,000 on single Black Friday sale, she was very clueless when she started her business.

She’s like most of us too when we started!

Kristene said that she have no idea how she can lead her target audience to find her business. She also said that there were no magazines, bloggers, or social media accounts she could use to promote her business.

However, she tried attending craft shows but because Kristene has kids, that also wasn’t a very good option.

So how did she make $14,000 on a single day?

Check this video from Renae Christine about her strategies on how she was able to earn $14,000 during her Black Friday sale.


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