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Are you wondering what could be the most and least favorite colors of handmade enthusiasts?

The Most And Least Favorite Colors Of Men And WomenHandmade artist as well as online marketing professionals have long known that different colors play a significant role in the effectiveness of any type of marketing campaign. Certain colors have the tendency to spark some feelings in consumers, thus creating brand relevance and motivating acquisitions.

If you check on Etsy, the color Orange isn’t a popular color on Etsy. A search for the color “orange” only yields: “All categories “orange” (696,590 Results)”

Other colors:

  1. All categories “blue” (3,015,155 Results)
  2. All categories “green” (2,002,341 Results)
  3. All categories “purple” (1,036,572 Results)
  4. All categories “yellow” (1,153,714 Results)
  5. All categories “red” (1,832,168 Results)

Orange evokes energy. This possesses strong attention-getting properties, it is actually fun and cool, as well as it helps make users think as if they are actually dealing with a sophisticated business.

However, research on color and advertising varies, but one thing is fairly consistent – ORANGE is not a popular color among men or women.

Here are Hallock’s findings for the most and least favorite colors of men and women:


One of the most significant factors in these images is the superiority of blue throughout both genders (it was the favorite color for both groups) and also the difference between groups on purple. Women list purple as a top-tier shade, however no men list purple as a favorite color. (Maybe that is the reason why we get no purple power tools, a material mostly linked with men?).

Further research in studies about color perception as well as color preferences reveal that when it concerns colors, shades and tints men tend to choose bold shades while ladies would prefer softer shades.

But what does handmade sellers/customers say about this study?

mahinamermaid from mahinamermaid
“As a long time customer (also had good sales when I sold for about 7 yrs ago), it’s unappealing to me. It doesn’t look classy or appealing. Looks like Home Depot or Walmart website. Seller go to a lot of trouble to take nice photos, and for me the orange is a distraction. Just my opinion.”

Mindi Denson from AFurryThing
“Well I am glad to hear it’s not popular. Who wants to be like, do like and like the same thing as everyone else!? Not me. I like orange, it’s happy and bright, I find blue sad and depressing. I am so glad I am amongst the unpopular in yet another way.”

Cathy from ArtfulTrinkets1
“I used to work for a railway network here in Australia, and had to wear an orange vest on the platforms. I couldn’t wait to take it off at the end of the day. It had reflector bands on it as well, and co-workers called it the disco vest, lol! I felt so butch wearing that thing. But otherwise, I don’t mind orange in text too much. Sorry, I enjoy going off on tangents!”

H Evans from HEvansGems
“Well that’s disappointing. I was very anti-orange until I fell in love with Tangerine Tango, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2012. Now I can’t get enough of orange. Indeed, just this evening, I designed my outfit for tomorrow around my fabulous tangerine silk high heeled espadrilles that I bought in 2012 or so.

Orange stands out. It’s a bold colour that bespeaks confidence and energy, and it’s bright, sunshiny, and cheery. With Etsy’s help, perhaps the studies done a few years from now will demonstrate that orange is one of the most popular colours.”

Sandi Graham from ArtsyCraftsyBoutique
“Orange items just do not sell in my shop; it’s my slowest moving color.”

Always keep this data in your mind when picking your handmade products’ primary color palette. Provided the starkly various taste preferences revealed, it’s a good idea to appeal more to men or women if they comprise a bigger portion of your suitable customers.

Personally, I don’t think Orange is a bad color. After all, Etsy’s website is Orange and it’s the most successful handmade marketplace ever!

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