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While the competition gets tighter between Etsy and Amazon Handmade, another huge online marketplace launched a collective for artisans. And it’s no other than, eBay.

Introducing EBay’s New Artisan MarketplaceeBay is now joining the trend of selling handmade goods after Amazon launched an Etsy-style store, and they launched it on Tuesday, December 9, 2015.

They called it, Artisan Collective.

Artisan Collective is an all-new destination for unique artisanal finds. This curated collection was launched to highlight crafted goods and high-quality treasures.

Do Etsy and Amazon have anything to worry about?

This new artisan collective is not available for all artisans now. The collective is made up of several small batch makers including Three Bird Nest, Milk and Honey Luxuries, and Mystic Knotwork.

They are also encouraging its marketing affiliates to promote the curated collection.

The collection includes everything from home décor, crafts and supplies to food, fashion, health and beauty, so no matter who or what you are shopping for, there’s a little something for you.

Interestingly, one of those sellers, Three Bird Nest, was at the center of a controversy recently when its high-profile founder departed the Etsy site, though by choice or by request isn’t known for sure.

Alicia Shaffer began making boho headbands as a side project, and when they proved popular, she launched a one-woman shop, Three Bird Nest.

When it got to where she almost couldn’t keep with all the orders, she expanded both her team and her range of handmade offerings, pulling in artisanal finds from around the world, and hasn’t looked back since.

Check her advice to all handmade sellers and use it as an inspiration to survive and excel in the world of creative business.

Check the eBay Artisan Collective and you will be thrilled to find a number of nifty handmade goodies.

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  1. We Artsans work hard at making our crafts in the USA. Three Bird Nest has given handmade a whole new meaning handmade in China. This is why she was called out on Etsy. There is a website in China that show these items are made in China. The good thing about Amazon, they require pictures of your shop where you make it and process of making a item. Amazon is more reliable when it comes to homemade items. Ebay should do more research before accepting sellers on handmade items.

  2. I hope eBay will open their Artisan Collective to other sellers soon! Until then, I’ll keep on selling handmade in the regular eBay categories. You can also find me on Etsy and Handmade @ Amazon!

  3. A very good starter indeed!
    Three Birds Nest is worldwide known as a huge reseller of Made in India goods!
    I believe you will start with the wrong feet…

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