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If you are looking for handmade business articles that benefited a lot of artisans to make more sales last year, we’ve got a list for you.

How To Grow Your Handmade Sales- Our Top 10 Handmade Business ArticlesAs we start the year, we collected the most popular articles that we have and share it again to you just in case you missed them.

2015 was a year of growth for Craft Maker Pro, with over a million visitors and page views!

So I have put together a list of the top 10 most visited business articles from 2015. These articles were all not published in 2015, but as you can see they were very popular!

  1. 5 Craft Fair Booth Display Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of
  2. Craft Show Display Ideas – Cool Examples And Tips!
  3. 15 Fun-To-Use Business Name Generators For Etsy Sellers
  4. 10 Packaging Tutorials For Etsy Sellers
  5. 9 Reasons Why Your Etsy Products Are Not Selling
  6. How To Greet Your Customers During Craft Shows
  7. How To Choose A Name For Your Craft Business
  8. 29 Marketplaces To Sell Your Handmade Products
  9. How A Teen Girl Makes $10,000 A Year From Handmade Pens
  10. How Many Sales Does The Average Etsy Seller Get?

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That’s it. Thanks to all of our readers, fans, and subscribers! We hope you have an awesome 2016!

Gary Capps
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  1. Hi Gary,

    That would be a great opportunity to be able to do a featured article about our site for you. We have been working really hard on this and it is our hope to be able to help artists and sellers reach their fullest selling potential.

    Thank you,

    Craig Weiss

  2. Hello, I enjoyed reading your articles. We are a marketplace that opened up September 2015. We have a similar selling style to etsy as we are offering sellers to sell handmade art, crafts & antiques to be sold on our site. We are similar in one aspect of it as we offer sellers a free store. We differ in a few ways though. We offer auctions, no listing fees, no member costs and low final sales percentages. We are growing slowly and I would really appreciate if you are going to do any other articles or updates to this article to be included in future articles. If you have a chance please take a look at our site. It’s pretty classy.

    Thank you,

    Craig Weiss

    1. Hi Craig
      Thanks for your comments.
      Maybe you would like to do a featured article on the site?
      Drop us a line through the contact us section if you’re interested

      1. Hi Gary,

        I left off some important information about us that is really different – When a person signs up to sell, we will give them a $5.00 credit that goes into their seller’s account. That credit can be used for our feature upgrades that we offer, for example, we have a random home page feature
        that places the artists work right on our home page. There are other upgrades that can be used as well .

        We also offer a seller two ways to verify their identity. One by putting a credit card on or verifying using Paypal. A credit card does not cost anything. Paypal is a nominal charge of $5.00. This preventative measure will give buyers confidence that they are dealing with serious, honest sellers.

        Thanks again.

        Craig Weiss

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