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Last week we had an issue where Facebook marked our site as spam so any links that got clicked through from our Craft Maker Pro Fan Page throw up a spam warning message.

We carried on posting a message to the help form every day but got zero response, unsuprisingly.

At the end of last week we saw an ad for Facebook marketing help direct with Facebook, so we called that and left a message hoping to get in touch with someone.

After a few days we did get a call back from one of the ad reps at Facebook and we explained that we wanted to do more advertising on Facebook but couldn’t until they removed our spam penalty.

The rep took all the details and called me back later that day telling me the reason was becuae we had popups on our site and they deemed that as spam so hence the penalty.

He also told me there was basically nothing he could do except file the same form as me which goes to a long queue in the support desk and if we were lucky we might get an answer in 3-4 weeks.

So not much help there.

Also, on the pop up side of things according the Facebooks guidelines here the pop-ups are only considered a problem with sponsored storys or ads, which we weren’t running.


I informed the ad rep of this but he basically had no answer.

Quite honestly this is a real pain for us because we use Facebook a lot to promote posts and it’s stopped us from being able to run any ads because who would want to go through to a site that they get warned about as they click through – I wouldn’t be keen so I don’t expect people who don’t know about us to treat it in a good way.

BUT…….. this morning walking my dogs I had a couple of thoughts about ways around this to run our advertising through a sub domain as I wondered if Facebook would treat that differently.

Then I had a second thought….!! Two in one day…!!

What about trying url shortners and posting links using them, would that maybe work?

So this morning I tested a bunch of links on one of our test pages and used url shortners instead of the direct links to post some blog posts and lo and behold it worked, no spam message – booyakasha..!!!!

I tried this with bitly, tiny url and google url shortner and all of them worked.

If you have no idea what url shortners are, how they work etc etc then I made a video and showed exactly what I did so you can follow along.


Also, if you are using url shortners then make sure you watch to the end as I’ll show you how you can edit your posts so that you don’t even have to display the short url.  You can edit your post to make it look exactly how you want and edit the text too so that your message is crystal clear for your Fans 🙂

We would still love to know the real cause of our penalty so if you have experienced this and gotten a solution please let us know below and if this article helps you then please share the luv by liking, tweeting etc.

I spent a week trying to find an answer in the web’o’sphere so lets make it easy for anyone to find who has issues with being marked as spam by Facebook.

This solution only works for users that click through from a desktop machine not a mobile device.  Mobile users still get the spam warning 🙁

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  1. I have tried all your suggestions Gary – still no change.

    Been having the issue for over 2 years with a local train station site I run.

    It’s a real pain in the backside because Facebook don’t seem to give the slightest bit of a F word.

    1. I feel your pain Darren. Facebook truly don’t give a Flyin’Flip. The redirects were the only thing that fixed us back up as per the comment I made in this thread on the 15-09-2014.

  2. Hello Gary,

    Thanks for the information about all this.

    I have the same problem with my site and I tried many things. Unfortunately nothing seems to work, and right now I have no clue of what is happening or what to do.

    Do you have any update on this that could help?

    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Ricardo

      Sorry to hear that, it is so frustrating.

      In the end what happened with us was that the spam message seemed to disappear from our site except for anything that was under in the blog under the url /blog. We have no idea why this was.

      What we ended up doing then was restructuring our blog and moving all the content under there to a new url structure for our blog and 301 redirecting all the old content to their new urls.

      A real pain in the neck to say the least and we never really got any answer as to why this happened in the first place.

      If you ever find an answer please come back and share it with us.

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