Horrible Craft Fair Experiences Every Seller Can Relate To

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Craft shows are a gamble, an exciting and potentially lucrative gamble. There’s no better high for a maker than setting up at a show and finding that all the people looking at your work want to become customers.

Horrible Craft Fair Experiences Every Seller Can Relate ToA crazy-good, or even a moderately good show can boost your spirits tremendously. Not only do you suddenly have a wad of working capital in your pocket, you’ve been looking all day at the smiling faces of people who are telling you your work is lovely and worth their money!

However, there are horrible experiences that you may encounter during craft shows.

This is a very good point to bring up as some handmade sellers have experienced these problems with some craft shows.

Watch this video by Alyssa Ruby about her horrible experiences so you can avoid it:


What do you do when a craft show is a bust? Not only are your booth fee and time gone, a bad craft show can be traumatic to you and your business.

If you hate doing shows you will probably not do well at them. But that’s OK, you don’t have to do them at all! It’s not a requirement. If you are just new to shows and don’t hate them, keep going, you’ll get better at selling your work in person over time, especially if you watch seasoned sellers at work and learn from them.

So learn how to avoid bad craft shows and share your stories with us in the comment box below so other sellers can learn from it too.

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