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Do you need a makeover for your website? Get yourself a free stylish WordPress theme for your craft business.

There are many available and with a simple click, you can have the whole theme in place and your web site will be looking good in no time. For free.

Sure, some of the premium WordPress themes look snazzier and sharper and have some bells and whistles, but many of the free themes look just as good and seem to suit your current needs just fine.

Here are a few cool examples you can use on your WordPress site:



Adelle shows a chic white and black design accented with soft pinks and greys, Adelle brings sophistication and elegance to any craft blog.



Artificer comes with a responsive design that responds and adapts based on the device it is being viewed on. This is a free responsive e-commerce theme targeted towards small startups, sole traders and for those in arts and craft industry.



Crafty is a multipurpose blogging theme with a bright and playful design. It’s especially suitable for blogs about arts and crafts, teaching, housekeeping, and food. Or — anything else you can think of.



Fictive looks like your Tumblr page. Make it personal with a custom header image, a Gravatar, and links to your favorite social networks. Use Post Formats to dress up your content, add a custom menu and widgets, or keep it simple with a fixed-position header.



iTheme2‘s beautiful Apple-inspired design makes it the perfect theme for craft-related blogs but it also has some really neat features – like a custom header image, custom background, alternate color schemes, and a really neat featured post carousel – that make it perfect for almost your blog.



Matala offers Talavera pottery-inspired bright colors, dynamic shapes, grungy textures and whimsically off-kilter text in the main menu.Matala will give your site a fun, colorful feel. Matala sports a two-column layout with a right sidebar, making it perfect for journal-style blogs.



Patchwork comes in three color styles – Maude (default), Babycakes and Sunny – and you can easily switch between them in the theme options panel. It also supports custom drop-down menus, a widget-ready sidebar, and custom header and background features.



Scrappy theme is a fresh, feminine, scrapbook-style theme

There are many different factors that can make a WordPress theme standout among others, whether it is a free theme or premium theme. Instead of focusing on just the aesthetics of the WordPress theme, you should also consider some of the underlying specifics of the theme that will end up affecting the way your website is presented on different devices, how quickly your website will load, the amount of customization, and overall browser support.

In the end, find a WordPress theme that allows you to create a website that matches your needs. While load time, responsive design, browser support, and customization are all important, you want to be able to build a WordPress site that you are happy with and sometimes it comes for free.

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