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Do you want to get free craft supplies? Of course you do!

How-To-Find-Free-Craft-SuppliesCrafting can be a great way to earn extra cash, relax, have fun, and spend quality time together as a family. If you like to experiment with different craft supplies and techniques or if you prefer to buy pre-assembled craft kits or try the newest crafting fad, it can be expensive.

Here are some ways you can save money on your crafting without stifling your creativity:

  1. Visit the website. Most states have them for their county or cities (depending upon location). Everything they offer is free. Anything you list “wanted”, is to be responded with offers of free items – whatever it is you “wanted”.
  2. Go to and check the “free” section.
  3. Check the Shopper’s Weekly Newspaper and find the “free” section.
  4. Go to and see if they have a section for your city and/or county. Check the “free” section.

Usually, people unload craft supplies and fabric in mass here. Sometimes you may just have to pay shipping, other times, it’s free!

You can also find lots of cheap craft supplies that include complete kits to quilt and of course beads online. When people discover they no longer like knitting or buying the entire aisle of needlepoint supplies, they may want to get rid of it in mass.

You can post a simple status update on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Your friends on Facebook, Twitter and in real life probably have supplies that are collecting dust and causing them serious guilt (WHY did I buy two gallons of mod podge for my wedding crafts? Excessive!). Ask and ye shall receive! Plus, many folks will be happy to de-clutter and help a fellow crafter out.

One of the most effective strategies as well is to join an Etsy team and ask your team mates for a swap, a discounted deal or get them for free. If you are not a member of any Etsy team, you can post on the Etsy forum and you’ll meet a lot of nice handmade sellers that are willing to help out.

In addition to saving money- repurpose fabric from other sources. You can find sheets, duvet covers, table cloths, curtains and placemats on clearance you just have to reimagine them…best of all, some of them already have a hem or buttons you can work off of.

Inevitably, you will have to go buy some craft supplies. Don’t worry; there are a lot of sites where you can get the cheapest craft supplies online such as:

  1. Dollar Tree – This is the site where each store carries a lot of the same stuff, yeah, but they also each carry items that the others don’t. Everything is $ 1 each!
  2. The Dollar Depot – I you still have any open in your area, you will also find supplies that only costs $1.
  3. Second Hand Stores (Treasure’s Thrift Store, and Nifty-Thrifty) –These stores appear to have good deals. However, the stores I mentioned always have some sale going on, either “green tag” or what have you is usually discounted to 50% off, sometimes they pick more than 1 color to discount off. Or if you are lucky, everything is 50% off.

That’s it. If you have any money saving tips to get craft supplies, please take a moment to share it through the comment box below.

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