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Whatever your ambitions for your fledgling craft business, and there are thousands of crafters selling work online, I thoroughly recommend you get involved with a local craft fair or market and have a go at selling your goods face to face.

craft-fair-finderLet’s take a look at some sites that can help us find the best Craft Fairs across the UK, USA and the rest of the world.

UK Craft Fair Location Finders

  1. UK Craft Fairs – Search across the UK for local craft fairs in your county.
  2. Stallfinder – lists thousands of events nationwide, easy to search and has events which aren’t just crafts, like agricultural shows and carnivals.
  3. Craft Fair Events Search – You can add in your details to find craft fairs that are nearby.
  4. UK Handmade – This helpful site regularly posts details of events around the UK, they also have a forum where you can ask their large membership for advice.
  5. Folksy Craft Events Forum – Updated by Folksy craft sellers, this forum is split into areas so you can find or discuss events and craft fairs happening near you.

U.S.A Craft Fair Location Finders

  1. Art and Craft Show Yellow Pages – Eastern USA. This website allows you to organize craft shows by state but without a subscription that about all you can do – which actually in many cases will give you enough information to find the details yourself with more online research. Subscriptions to Art and Craft Show Yellow Pages start at $40.00 per year. They list events up to a year in advance, helping you plan your craft show circuit and meet any early-bird requirements.
  2. Craftmasternews – Western USA. Links to the site above.
  3. Sunshine Artists – All over USA. Sunshine Artists provides a comprehensive list of arts and crafts shows in the U.S. and Canada. You are able to search by category of art or craft, date and U.S. state or Canadian region (or all three if you really want to tailor your search). While you can search for free, subscribing to Sunshine Artist gives you the additional benefit of finding out more detailed info ranging from show fees to application deadlines. Yearly cost for a subscription is $34.95.

Other Geological Locations:

Crafts Report – This website is updated weekly. You can search by numerous criteria such as show name, date, location, promoter and type of craft sold. Check out the Craft Report website for more information.

You can also check our huge list of craft shows to see what is convenient in your location and what meets your business needs.

Tips for Choosing a Craft Fair

You don’t want your first fair to be a flop after all your hard work, so choose wisely where to spend your money!

Know Your Market–Many craft sellers forgot to do a market research before jumping into the fair. It is an essential step as it will mold the success of your participation.

According to KitiyaPalaskas, “When I first started doing markets, things were definitely not as awesome as they are now. In my local area, there weren’t that many specialised markets just for contemporary handmade goods. I tried my hand setting up shop at various vintage, trash ‘n’ treasure, and community markets, but found it hard to make sales because my ideal customer just wasn’t shopping there. And if they were, they weren’t looking for handmade stuff at the time – they’d be looking for a vintage treasure or a pre-loved bargain and weren’t willing to part with the kind of money it took to buy something handmade.”

Event Organiser– Ask the event organiser how many people attended last year / last month to gauge if the fee for the table is worth it in terms of the number of people who will see your stall. How many other stalls will be there and how many will be selling similar products to yours. Event organisers should have plans in place to limit the number of similar sellers and also be able to position you away from direct competition.

Ask – Call your local Chamber of Commerce.They usually have listings of the art and craft shows coming to your area as well as other special events. Don’t rule out events such as local festivals and celebrations to market your crafts. Some crafters have had excellent results at these functions. Consider becoming a member of your Chamber of Commerce It’s a great way to network.

Advertising – Do the event organisers advertise well, look at where they advertise to help determine the type of people they will be attracting.

Once you have chosen the best craft fair for your products, don’t forget to check the do’s and don’ts at craft fairs to avoid errors and mishaps.

Maybe you have some great advice or have written or read a post with lots of craft fair experiences or advice – do let us know by leaving a comment!

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  1. Looking to set up at craft fairs in Burlington, Greensboro, Reidsville, High Point, Kernersville all in NC.
    Never done this before. Not sure what all you need to do to get ready for it.
    Love to know what all I need to do
    And what all I have to bring for set up.
    Thank you.

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