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If you are taking pictures of your handmade products, you will need to add stuff that is not meant to be simply set on a table. You will need to consider other factors that they would in fact look better perhaps photographed in a much more difficult position. That’s when you have to think of your photography tools.

Craft Photography – 5 Tools You Can Find At HomeIt can be really helpful to buyers when you ‘stage’ your product by including other objects. Here are a few examples:

1. Clamps

Clamps are one of the best tools when doing a photo shoot of your handmade products. They’re tiny enough that you could just toss them in your bag, in your handbag, whatever.

2. Jewelry Wire

This is useful for propping things up that perhaps are a little lightweight and saggy. This is excellent because you could truly control it. So this is an additional staging tool that is great.

3. Earthquake Putty

This is a truly trendy device for crafters and you can put your crafts almost anywhere you intend to get a fantastic shot. Like I stated, it’s wonderful for anything that is slanted, anything that is also on a vertical axis. It’s really handy keeping your crafts in position. And due to the fact that it’s type of a sticky, tacky texture.

However, don’t put a product that is made of fiber because it will get stuck in there like a gum in your hair. It’s going to undetectable when you edit it with your photo-editing apps later on.

4. Plastic Bags

And speaking of bags, white plastic bags can be a terrific light diffuser. A plastic garbage bag, you would certainly might, possibly find at the market or any, any cheap store. If you see a shadow being cast you can just diffuse the sunlight and obtain a good soft shot if it were just coming down and casting hard darkness. You can set your camera to self timer or remote and you’ll see. Perfectly diffused light.

5. Foam Core

It’s an excellent crafting device, and at the same time a terrific staging tool because it could include extra light to a shady situation. If you are staging outdoors where there’s not a heap of light, you could sort of reflect some light up and provide that a boost. You could also do the same thing with a white tea towel, simply from your kitchen, absolutely nothing unique.

With the light, it’s much, much brighter, without it, it’s very, very dark and nearly difficult to see your products. Use the garbage bag or tea towel to sort of scattered the light. You can also utilize tea towel or foam core, to reflect the light.

You need to have the ability to get an actually fascinating point of view and a truly interesting hosting for all your crafts when you’re doing your digital photography.

How about you? What tools do you use? Please let us know in the comment below.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful, useful article! One of the most useful I’ve seen to date. I have the craft thing down; the photography part … not so much. Any help welcome, but this is one of the best suggestions!

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