9 Reasons Why Your Etsy Products Are Not Selling

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Are you spending time marketing your product, but still not selling as much as you would like?Have you ever wondered why browsers in your Etsy store don’t buy your products?

9-Reasons-Why-Your-Etsy-Products-Are-Not-SellingWhen your Etsy store isn’t performing as you’d hoped, your first assumption might be that there’s something wrong with your products. Often, your products are just fine — it’s how you’re presenting them to the world that’s the problem.

1. Your Product Photos Need Some Help

Poor quality photos, images with background clutter, and images with flash glare spots aren’t doing your products any favors. Make it accurate! Don’t make it look like something that it’s not as your customers might want to return the product. Change it into high-quality, more enticing images to increase your sales. Etsy is a very visual selling platform (with a frequent rate of being bookmarked to Pinterest), and so better photos almost always equals more sales.

Sometimes all it takes is trying out a cleaner background. A photo-editing app called Fotofuze can help you with that.

2. No Specific Descriptions

Sure your necklace may be pretty, but simply telling me “Pretty necklace, 16 inches” isn’t really convincing enough. I want to know what it’s made out of, who it would be a good gift for, and what type of fabric it would look fantastic against. Flesh out your product descriptions with plenty of features and benefits, and your potential customers will be that much more likely to see themselves owning it.

3. You Have No Customer Reviews

Having positive reviews from customers can go a long way to establishing the level of trust required as social proof before more people will feel comfortable buying. How can you acquire these reviews? Go above and beyond with every order you receive. Include special touches in your packaging such as a hand written thank you note, a freebie gift, gift-ready packaging, and speedy shipping.

4. You Have No Clear Target Market

If you haven’t studied your target market, all of the hard work you’ve put into both your products and the selling of them goes to waste. It’s a major problem and it’s what I think hinders most Etsy stores. A lot of people seem to think they can just throw a store online and they’ll suddenly make a ton of sales, but it doesn’t really work that way.
If your target market is too scattered, then buyers are likely to get confused and overwhelmed. If you serve two or more completely different target markets, you may want to consider opening up a second Etsy shop to make your individual shop’s branding more cohesive.

5. Your Prices Are Too Low

Price can be the most determining factor why consumers may let your product slip by, even though they might like to own it. Entrepreneurs should understand that pricing of a product is an essential element, which determines the degree of success a product is likely to achieve. It doesn’t mean, however, that they should lower the price of a product to appease everyone.

6. You Have No Email List

The most effective way to keep in contact with your fans isn’t through social media or even blogging, but rather, through an e-mail newsletter. Sending out a simple message to your audience a few times a month to alert customers of new items, helpful content on your blog, or sales, not only brings in more -purchases but also reminds your customers that you’re still alive.

7. You Have Limited Payment Options

While PayPal will probably remain the most popular online payment method, there are several trusted payment options that you need to consider. If you can, more options usually mean more potential sales for your Etsy shop, so provide as many as you can and feel secure doing.

8. You Don’t Ship Internationally

There’s a whole world of customers out there, and with Etsy’s new print-from-home customs label option, you don’t even have to stand in line at the post office to reach them! If you aren’t sure you’re comfortable shipping internationally yet, consider adding a couple of countries at a time, until you get the hang of it and feel more secure adding the option to every location. Also, checking some trusted shipping insurance can also help in protecting you and your customers in case of shipping problems.

9. You Have No Shop Policies

While it’s true that most customers won’t read these (unless they’re making a very expensive purchase), many will often click over for a quick glance. If the spaces are blank, your trustworthiness instantly drops to near non-existence. Create a good refund or return policy to set limitations and rules between you and your customers.

That’s it for now.

Have you had trouble with increasing your Etsy store’s sales? If so, did you find one of the problems discussed here to be the issue to blame? Or was it something else? Please let us know all about it below!

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  1. I have stuff on etsy, but haven’t sold anything. Thanks for the advice. I also live in Australia, Sydney. I do think shipping internationally is a problem for us.

    1. Hi Becky

      A postcard is certainly more personal and more likely to get attention, but it will obviously also cost more to send.
      Email is not spamming as long as you have their permission to send them email, it depends on how you collected their email address.
      Using a service like Aweber or Mailchimp is certainly a good way to send emails out and is very cost effective.

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