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A handmade business is special and different from regular businesses. Your products show the hard work, time and love you input into your business. You do it because you love handmade but you also want to make a profit from it. There is nothing wrong with that!

8-Blogs-Every-Handmade-Seller-Should-Subscribe-ToYou spend a lot of time creating and perfecting your products that sometimes you can’t pay attention to the other aspects of owning a business: marketing, trends and other business tips. Getting help from the right place is a good way to start covering all of your bases. While there are a lot of incredible blogs you’ve probably never heard of, the following 8 blogs write posts about owning a handmade business (all the aspects of it). You can find help about marketing, starting your own blog, craft show tips, tax info and more!

1. Craft Biz Blog

Craft Biz Blog is a great resource for artists, crafters, makers and bakers.  Terri Belford shares practical marketing tips from her 30+ years of experience in the handmade business as an artist, gallery owner and consultant to crafters and retailers. Craft Biz Blog is full of valuable ideas for out-of-the-ordinary ways to sell your handmade work both online and off including how to get your work into galleries and shops and creating a following of loyal, repeat customers.

2. Creative Income Blog

Creative Income Blog is working on creating a resource for crafty people who are either thinking about turning their creativity into a business or have already started and are looking for some tips along the way! They cover everything from marketing and sales tips to blogging and photography. They want you to find all the help you need to be able to grow a successful business. They also regularly have craft bloggers and designers writing guest posts so that you can learn from a variety of successful crafty business gurus in all fields of the industry!

3. Create & Thrive

Create and Thrive is managed by Jess who has been teaching and helping people learn and work their way to success for a few years now. Guides, workshops, eCourses and everything else you need to make your jandmade business successful.

4. Everything Etsy

Everything Etsy is not only for Etsy sellers these tips would apply to any online handmade business owner. Tips on photographing your items, social media and helpful resources. Look under the Etsy Business and Resources Tab.

5. Handmadeology

Handmadeology exists for the purpose of teaching artists how to successfully sell their handmade goods online, and to feature the newest handmade, vintage and supply items found around the web!

6. Oh My Handmade Goodness

Oh My Handmade Goodness has published over 1200 posts sharing the stories, skills and talents of the creative community. Here everyone is an expert but no one is the expert-what a difference that has made! Use the drop-downs on the right-hand sidebar to view their posts by topic. I found a lot of helpful information under Businessy Goodness and Small Business Tips. You can also pay to advertise on their site.

7. Promote Etsy

Promote Etsy is created to promote handmade shops via link building and giveaway promotion. If you own an Etsy Shop and are hosting a giveaway submit the link to your giveaway here to get some exposure. Etsy 101 has helpful tips for photographing your items. Visit and follow their Facebook page. Share your specials, coupons and giveaway on their Facebook page. The Free Add URL page is where you can share the link to your Handmade Shop and it will be added to the Handmade Shop Directory. This is NOT just for Etsy Shops.

8. Unanimous Craft

Unanimous Crafts allows you to find craft shows, peruse other shops and list your own shop into their directory. You can also list your other crafty sites like your blog, website, etc. Share your reviews of other crafty website and shops.

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If you have a blog centered around owning a handmade business, please share the link in the comments below this post. Thanks!

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