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As anyone who has established a handmade business will know, selling online can be complicated. Even the best sellers need extra support to leverage their business.

5-free-tools-to-grow-your-handmade-businessSo, what better way to help new handmade sellers or even seasoned sellers on the platform than by pointing out some of our tried and useful tools.

Here are 5 tools to help you manage your business and improve your sales.

1. Craft And Jewelry Pricing Calculator

With this free craft and jewelry pricing calculator you will be able to work out the exact price you should be charging for all your handmade creations easily and quickly because we’ve done all the math for you

  1. Work out the exact hourly rate you should be charging (no guessing)
  2. Calculate your overhead costs for your business
  3. Total ALL the material costs for your finished piece
  4. Instantly calculate Tax, Wholesale and Retail Prices.

2. Craft Show Checklist

Craft Show Checklist – Complete And Printable – For those of you who would like to try your hand at your first craft show booth, a complete craft show checklist is necessary to make it fun and memorable.

Read on to plan out what to bring for your display, for making sales, for your comfort, and for the great outdoors.

You can adapt it to meet your particular requirements but I’ve covered the basics.

3. Craft Show Inventory Sheet

Craft Show Inventory Sheet – Free Download – The number 1 tip for those starting a business selling handmade products is to have your inventory & bookkeeping systems set up in advance.

You can keep a simple inventory sheet. Just simply take a copy of it and take note when something sells, and when you get back home, update the online version of your spreadsheet or your inventory management software such as Craft Maker Pro.

4. Etsy Store Policy Template

Free Etsy Store Policy Template – Shop policies do not only help your customers but they also help YOU stay consistent and have actions in place for certain situations.

Why? Your store policies tell your customers what to expect from you. Customers look at your store policies to see what kind of customer service you will offer; if there is nothing there they can walk away.

5. E-Book: The Secret To Really Growing Your Craft Business

The Secret To Really Growing Your Craft Business – If you are struggling with getting customers and sales for your craft business then stop what you are doing and read this page in full.

Know any other tools that can help sellers? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Again, thanks so much for all these tips and tricks. The CraftMakerPro website is a veritable treasure trove of useful information to help us truly march forward with our crafting businesses.

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