Are you wondering where does everyone get their fabric? It seems very expensive in some online shops. So where do they buy fabrics?

top-fabric-suppliers-according-to-etsy-sellersToday I checked the forums and gathered interesting suggestions of Etsy sellers about where they get high quality and inexpensive fabrics.

Lorraine from LorDelLinens
JoBerry Fabrics here on Etsy has some very reasonable prices and a wonderful selection. Also there is, if you spend over $35 I think, you get free shipping.

Heather Christensen from SweetBabyJaneCo
Another vote for! They have some great sales.

Kim Fluck from kimzkraftkorner
I recently bought fabric from a new (new to me) place called and was very pleased with what I got and the prices were very reasonable.

Susanne Pedersen from BenneboKids and

Naturel Mistik from NaturelMistik

Carol from JustMeToo
I only use premium quality quilt cotton. Small amounts I purchase online from equilter, elkabees fabric paradise,, and sometimes on etsy.

Alanna Whitestar
Try Their fabrics appear to be reasonably good.

Jen from pollyfoofoo
I don’t do a lot of sewing, but when I do, I look here in etsy. I also look at and – not the cheapest venues, but they have such cute stuff.

Eline from VolcanoGoods
Since I mostly use cotton canvas, I buy my fabric at, they’re great! Prices are reasonable (cheaper than Joann’s duck canvas) and they have great deals for buying bulk!

To sum it all, is a crowd favourite followed by Etsy, Joann’s, Ebay, Hobby Lobby and Hancock.

If you are new to sewing, I would advise that you get a couple of remnants from your local fabric store. Choose thin cotton fabric to start. If you like it and get good at it, then you can start spending more money. I hate to see anyone buying a lot of expensive supplies when they are just trying out a new craft. See if you are going to like it, first! Then branch out and try other fabrics.

Also, don’t use hard stuff like denim or canvass on your new machine if it is a home-use machine. They can bend the works unless you have a commercial machine. Also be careful sewing on patches and emblems. They can mess up your home sewing machine as well! Most artists do them by hand.

How about you? Where did you get your fabrics? Please share it with us in the comment box below.

Gary Capps

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