Do you think you’re blog is too plain with just articles on?

Do you want to do a DIY tutorial but a little bit shy to appear on a video?

Do you want to do something on your blog that is catchy and won’t bore your readers?

Do you have a kickass craft infographic idea?

I can help you with that!

I found this tool called Piktochart that’s really cool for making infographics – whether you use a free or paid option.

Check this video to see how it works:

If you want to check other ways to create an infographic for free, you can check these tutorials using:

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. PowerPoint
  3. PowerPoint 2010
  4. Easelly

How To Make An Infographic For Your Craft Blog


That’s it. Turn that blog into an appealing reading hub and see how traffic starts coming in.

Gary Capps

I live in the one of the most beautiful places in the world on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with my wife and our 2 dogs, Poppy and Mia. Since 2009 I have helped over 15,000 handmade business owners to grow their business with our software and free tools designed for todays entrepreneurial artisan.

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