Are you looking for a big list of online communities and forums? We have a huge list for you.

Huge-List-Of-Online-Craft-Communities-and-ForumsThese crafty communities and websites make a point of trying to bring the crafting community together and promote handmade goods and blogs.Forums are friendly places to meet up with crafters and add to discussions about all sorts of issues both craft and non craft related.It also helps your marketing efforts in many ways.

Use these online places to your advantage by posting regularly, posting about subjects related to your market, and by being helpful to other members. If you’re posting on a forum and help users with their questions, they may visit your link, subscribe to your list, become a customer, buy something, etc. If you’re a valuable and contributing member of a community, you can make some great online connections.

But take note, not all forums are suited for directly marketing your handmade business on and the wrong approach won’t get you very far so it’s important to join the right forums.

Here is a huge list of online craft communities and forums:

Other members are as interested in what you have to say and you may quickly develop a reputation as a reliable source for information. However, be very cautious to follow forum rules. Never spam a forum – your aim should be to participate in a conversation, not interrupt it. Have fun and watch your business grow!
Please let us know any great forums and communities we’ve missed in the comment box below.

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