Are you one of those handmade business owners who make the mistake of trying to do everything by yourself?

gigsWordPress setup, graphic design, Facebook fan page creation, video creation, and so much more.

You simply can NOT do it all yourself.

If you haven’t looked into the popular micro jobs site, Fiverr, you may want to give it a chance. On Fiverr, all jobs start at $5, but don’t let the low price-tag fool you. If you know what to look for, you can actually get professional work at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a freelancer on the other popular platforms, such as Elance or Odesk.

To simplify your work I created a list fiverr gigs suited for an online handmade business.I can assure you that there are a lot more useful services than what you see here, but let’s just take a sample, shall we?

Here are some of the fiverr gigs that you might like to try out:

  1. Business Plan by bowzer – While I haven’t discovered any gigs offering “real” business plan (with $5, that’s quite difficult to find!) this gig could definitely help kick start you with a decent quality business plan as the starter plan for your handmade business to refine and develop upon.
  2. Business Naming by createwise – A creative, catchy and professional name and tagline make an everlasting impression on your customers. If you need help in naming your business brand, domain name, product name and more for your needs check out creatwises gig.
  3. Content Creation by wddweeras – If you want to be more prolific with your blogging and online marketing one of the most important things is to learn how to get content produced for you. Provide the topic or keywords along with your instructions, and they’ll take care of the rest. Each piece of content will be Search Engine Optimized so as to attract more targeted visitors to your website. You will have a unique piece of content, which is 400-500 words in length with the penalty free keyword density of 1%-3%. Completed more than 2700 orders with more than 5600 articles, and he has received a total of over 1950 positive feedbacks.
  4. Photography &Photoshopping by sachin81 – The thing about having great images is that they help you make a really boring topic a lot more visually exciting and this person can help you. He is a BA holder in Graphics Design with over 10 years experience within the industry. He was one of the senior designers at a well-reputed agency in Sri Lanka for 7 years. One of the ways you can use these images are for articles that you write or showing your craft works – you can make them the big opening image or use them to illustrate points along the way. This also opens up the opportunity of getting more social love on Pinterest.
  5. Model Your Products by sublyme9 – Looking for a model? She has modeling experience and pretty good with a camera. If you need a photo of a model to promote your product and sell more of whatever it is online, she can help you. She will take five photos at different angles of herself wearing whatever item you are trying to sell, and send you the photos for your own use. If you need a male model, she can recruit her good-looking boyfriend to pose for photos, or they can pose together. She requires sending a sample of your product.
  6. Short Videos by ranfor5 – This is a popular method for promoting your craft business via video in an entertaining way. Give him a script or write to him what you want to sell or say in short text phrases and he will make you a 1 min animated video which is a bargain.
  7. Research by Sharon012 – Need some information about a particular subject, but don’t have the time to sift through search results? You can hire this person at Fiverr to help you. She’s located in the US,unfortunately, she cannot do location-specific market research in other countries. But that’s not a bad thing. It only means she can provide high quality results rather than accepting all orders offered to her.

I recommend you consider the gig extras, from where you can choose to include more design options, rush orders, and more advanced requests.

As always though do your own due diligence and check out any providers feedback before ordering anything.

Something I have done before is to actually give exactly the same task to two different providers to see which one produces the best result and I still get things done way cheaper than if I was to either spend the time doing it myself or going to Odesk.

So, there you go – our top 7Fiverr gigs for craft business. How about you? Have you bought a gig on Fiverr for your business and happy with the results? Share your favorite gigs on the comment section below.

Gary Capps

I live in the one of the most beautiful places in the world on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with my wife and our 2 dogs, Poppy and Mia. Since 2009 I have helped over 15,000 handmade business owners to grow their business with our software and free tools designed for todays entrepreneurial artisan.

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