Have you tried doing Google search for your shop name to see if it pops up anywhere interesting?

how-to-easily-check-your-online-seller-rankIf you want an easy way to check your rank whether you sell on Etsy, Amazon, Walmart and Ebay or even spy on your competition, click on a site called Marketplace Pulse.

It has all the information about your shop including how many items you’ve sold in the last month, in the last year, your exact review rating and your seller rank on Etsy.

Marketplace Pulse is the leading ecommerce analytics and insights startup.

They have developed proprietary technology allowing them to monitor and analyze world’s dominant ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, etc. It is considered as the largest ecommerce data set including over 9 million sellers across 23 marketplaces.

This platform knows when a new retailer joins one of the marketplaces, how many products they have on offer, and how well they are doing compared to other sellers. This can estimate how many sellers on Amazon are using the

Fulfillment by Amazon feature, how many Chinese sellers are selling on eBay, and how quickly Walmart marketplace is growing.

Having all this data allows to write about the performance of marketplaces much more accurately than based on press releases issued by marketplaces themselves.

I found it all very interesting and can see various applications for it so I thought I’d share. Just replace [YOURSHOP] with your shop name to view your page:

Right now, here are the top 10 sellers on Etsy according to Marketplace Pulse:


Pretty awesome features, right? So did you find your rank?

Gary Capps

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