Who needs business cards if you are just running an online store where you don’t physically talk to anyone?

If you think that way, you’re forgetting something!

Craft fairs, blogger events, shipping out products and even meeting people in daily life – all these situations are perfect opportunities to pass out business cards and leave a lasting reminder of your business!

Here’s the ultimate guide to business cards for crafters:

Craft Business Card Ideas

Digital Business Card

Another marketing option that you have for your arts and crafts products is to sell them online via sites like eBay and Etsy.com. When you market your products online you will need both a physical business card and a digital business card.

Both of these cards need to be simple and clean, so that they are easy to read in digital format. Include a graphic that represents what you sell, your name, your company name and your contact information.

Because this information is going online, do not include any information that you want to keep private. For example, you may want to include an email address instead of your home phone number. You will also want to include your website address and a brief tagline that pitches your products.

If you want to purchase a pre-made business card, you can check Zazzle for a wide array of craft business cards samples.

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