No matter how great your products are, there will be people who are simply not happy with their purchase.

How-To-Deal-With-Negative-Reviews-On-EtsyWhen those unhappy customers leave negative reviews on your Etsy shop, it can do real damage to your confidence, reputation and revenue – unless you know how to deal with them.

As you know, you can’t erase negative reviews, but you can handle the criticism with a smart strategy.

But before that, let’s get to know Etsy’s review system.

What is Etsy’s review system?

Customers use Etsy’s five-star review system (one being the lowest and five being the highest) to review sellers. When a buyer can leave a review is based on the estimated delivery date of the order and expires 60 calendar days from that date.

You can see your reviews by going to Your Shop > Shop Reviews. Your score is an average of the star ratings received in the last 12 months and is based on the date the review has been left. The review score, along with the number of reviews received over the lifetime of the shop, is displayed on the shop’s Reviews page.

Can I delete or edit a review?

You can’t delete a customer review on Etsy, but the customer who left it can edit both the star rating and the written note any number of times while the review is still eligible to be left.If a customer left a review with a rating of 3 stars or less, you have the option to publicly respond to the review. If you left a response, the original review is no longer eligible to be edited.

If you want the review to be removed, you can contact the Etsy Admin and they may remove reviews that violate Etsy’s Policies or Guidelines. Reviews or comments which are removed by Etsy Admin cannot be reinstated.

How to deal with negative reviews?

 Prevention is better! Check some tips on how to give exceptional customer service and in making a comprehensive refund policy as it always comes in handy when you encounter an angry customer. Also, one of the main reasons why customers complain is due to broken products which may be caused by your courier. Check the common shipping issues and learn how to deal with them.

In addition, you can prevent customer from leaving negative feedback if you respond quickly. As with most customer complaints, if you take longer than 24 hours to respond, the ball could have started rolling and it could be too late to stop it.

But, please don’t respond immediately after reading it, before having had a chance to tame your emotions. If you can’t offer a solution immediately, let them know when a full response will be forthcoming.

If all else fails, keep in mind that there are always unsatisfied customers out there whom we have no control over. Best thing is to just forget about it. Customers will judge you on your overall review score, not on the few negatives we are all bound to get.

Remember not to take it personally and try to think to stand in the reviewers’ shoes. A little empathy will go a long way in finding a resolution.

Since this is a really important subject for us all, I’d love to hear your feedback on dealing with negative reviews through the comment box below.

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