Techies love 3D printers. But you know who else loves 3D printers? Craft and jewelry businesses.

3D PrintersThat’s right, this creative society is starting to wake up to the potential of printing any object from scratch. With more and more affordable printers on the market, the magical machines are becoming integral for the handmade community.

3D printing technology is a game changer in the arts and crafts world. “It really takes the lid off of what’s possible,” says Andrej Suskavcevic, president and CEO of the Craft and Hobby Association, in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. “It seems to me it’ll provide a really good bridge between technology and hands-on crafting.”

What Is 3D Printing?

In the press today the 3D printing topic is HOT! To those of you who don’t know anything about 3D printing might think high-tech mechanical or medical devices, but this technology offers much broader potential than one might suppose. A 3D printer is a machine that can create objects out of thin air. It can print in plastic, metal, nylon, and over a hundred other materials.

Take a look at these great examples created by Melissa Borrell:

Think about the things that create. From a spooky pumpkin during Halloween to some festive wreath for the Christmas season. A 3D printer could help you create one-of-a-kind craft that you design yourself. Because the items are essentially printed from a variety of materials, your crafts holds up well after use. If you can design it – you can do it, so think about Valentine’s cards and letters or even egg cut-outsfor Easter.

Personalised Items
For upcoming birthdays and other holidays, you could use a 3D printer to create personalized and original gifts that are definitely one of a kind. Of course, the individual that you’re giving the item to will specify what type of item you create, but general gifts could include things like a candleholders, puzzle box, a tree ornament, a figurine, a set of cuff bracelets, a reproduction of a favorite landmark or statue or a bookmark could make a person’s special day feel even more festive.

If you’re more into fashion than crafts, a 3D printer can suddenly become the most valuable thing in your tool set. Printing in polymer means you can shape everything from a pair of earrings to a pendant to be worn on a necklace. Add your printed material to the necessary hardware and you have a whole new collection of accessories to sell.

3D printing can provide great savings on assembly costs because it can print already assembled products. With 3D printing, you can now experiment with new ideas and numerous designs with no extensive time or tooling expense. You can decide if product concepts are worth to allocate additional resources.

So there you have it.

With new technology always comes a change and this is quite a unique way to create almost anything you can think of.

Gary Capps

I live in the one of the most beautiful places in the world on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with my wife and our 2 dogs, Poppy and Mia. Since 2009 I have helped over 15,000 handmade business owners to grow their business with our software and free tools designed for todays entrepreneurial artisan.

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