Do you want to send happy vibes to your customers when they receive their packages?

Creative wrapped gifts can call for little more than striking paper and beautiful ribbon. Here are 10 gift wrapping ideas that will make your customer’s packages look more dashing.

1. Puzzle Maker


A word search with everyone’s names. Circle the name of the recipient. Use Puzzlemaker on DiscoveryEducation.

2. Snow Flake


Oh Joy dresses up Kraft paper with festive masking tape, alternating horizontal and vertical strips to mimic ribbon. A snowflake fashioned from frayed candy cane colored paper straws becomes the crowning glory.

3. Rustic Elegance


Sprigs of rosemary and pepperberry perk up these presents wrapped in kraft paper.

4. Used Papers


Think outside of the (gift) box when it comes to wrapping. Paper of any kind?wallpaper, old maps, Sunday comics – will do.

5. Paper Flower


Image source: Lia. Need basic pointers on how to wrap a present? Watch this video for easy-to-follow instructions for more festive holiday wrapping paper ideas.

6. Calendar Page


Enlarge a calendar page on a copier to cleverly wrap the gift?and note the special day.

7. Paper Gift Packets


Idea from Country Living

8. Clothespins & Heart Tags


Image source: PrintSmitten

9. Luxury Reusable Fabric


Image source: Wendy

10. Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Here is a DIY simple & elegant gift wrapping tutorial from Aim To Create

Aren’t they lovely? Make sure you offer this option to your customers when they buy from you.

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    Karen Ray – Wow! Absolutely beautiful stunning pictures. Of course you have a beautiful subject. Meg, I’m thinking you need to be on the cover of Seventeen. I’m definitely keeping this photagraph for our future pics.

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